Earl Research (http://earlresearch.com) is a private research laboratory working toward new foundations in computer science. A key goal is to develop conceptual
tools based on symmetry, using both the intuitive and mathematical advantages of the notion.

The research group is therefore providing the website to provide support to the International Society for the Interdisciplinary study  of Symmetry, the Katachi Society, sister societies, and to further web- based collaboration within the community in general.

There are also plans for a series of physical and web-based workshops  that will be coordinated through that site. These generally are focused on harnessing the specific insights into the nature of form natural tendency for collaboration within the symmetry community.

The basic idea that what our group is working with has three components. One is the knowledge that to a large degree we reason about things and their relationships visually; there appear to be laws of form at work in this. A second is that if humans were going to interact with computers more intimately and deeply, we would need a new generation of user interfaces; this new approach to interfaces
would leverage form in a number of integrated ways including modes normally associated with artistic encounters.

A third thread has to do with logic. The group is working with new mathematics that extends logic from its relatively mechanical nature, to something that — well, is more like the way humans and the world work. This is an emerging class of “geometric” logics that could empower new approaches to what goes on inside next generation computers. Some currently missing knowledge is what in these new logics constitutes "truth" and "elegance," what we are calling kutachi.“ Clearly, this will have form. Probably, all three of the threads will support each other.

Earl Research is pleased to support the society, its web infrastructure and this conference.